About Wendi

I am a psychiatrist with many years of leadership and clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings, ranging from disaster response to direct patient care to C-Suite responsibilities at a major medical center.  In addition to having strong interpersonal skills and an eye for detail, I see the whole picture when it comes to mental health: what consumers want, what clinicians need, and what it takes to make organizations thrive.  As one of my former supervisors once said, “Wendi helps people bring their A game.”  Contact me to find out how I can help you and your team achieve success.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

My Services

Expert Consultation

Provide subject matter expertise on areas such as mental health care (civilian and military), clinical operations, marketing, patient experience, and staff recruiting and retention.  I can help you improve your customer engagement, employee satisfaction and productivity, operational efficiency, internal communications, and morale.


Speaking Engagements

Live or virtual presentations on various topics such as medical leadership, general mental health, military/disaster medicine, staff burnout, lifestyle psychiatry, workplace communication, and diversity & inclusion.

Knowledge Distillation

I can review and consolidate dense data products, policies, legal documents, and the like to better communicate major points, provide visual workflow aids, and draft new versions if needed.

ART Training

I am a certified trainer in Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and love training clinicians in this highly effective and easy-to-learn intervention for PTSD, phobias, and more.  For more information on ART, how to find an ART therapist, or how to book a training, please go to: https://acceleratedresolutiontherapy.com/

Change Management

I have led numerous behavioral health organizations through significant change periods, sometimes seismic in nature.  I can help you and your teammates develop change management strategies and assist with execution and roll-out in order to minimize angst and optimize success.

Patient & Provider Experience

Through consultation and guidance, I can assist organizations in implementing empathic, user-centered strategies that prioritize communication and efficiency for enhanced patient and provider satisfaction.


As a proven leader, clinician, and project manager, I will bring a fresh point of view and a depth of expertise to your project or initiative.

Board Certified Clinician

I am an actively practicing clinician, board certified in adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and lifestyle medicine.  My approach to patient care is holistic, evaluating root causes of symptoms and employing a broad arsenal of interventions to help patients regain their health and vitality.

Military Veteran

With over 27 years of military service and decades of leadership experience, I understand military culture and the sense of pride, resilience, and adaptability that helps our armed forces thrive in times of adversity.  I promote a community-based approach to restoring mental health that enhances social connectedness and team-building.

Published Author & Presenter

I have written and presented on various topics in peer reviewed journals, at international conferences, and in the lay press. A full list of academic contributions is available here.

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